Service & Cloud Provider

Ethernet in Service and Cloud Provider

The network services provided by ISPs continue to promote higher-speed solutions, causing the demand for optical transport networks to grow rapidly. At the same time, the popularity of 5G mobile networks is also predictable.

Corresponding application services will also enter a new generation, such as the METAVERSE that has been familiar in recent days.

It is expected that the network bandwidth of end users will increase dramatically. So that both the Internet Service Provider and the Cloud Service Provider must be upgraded to meet the demand.

The Ethernet Alliance points out that both bandwidths will continue to show exponential growth. And UDE Corp. will not be absent from higher-speed OTN development.

What UDE Corp. Products Used in Optical Transport Network

QSFP DD 800 QSFP DD QSF28 QSF+ SFP28 SFP+ SFP High Speed Cable