Manufacturing Service


UDE has an experienced R&D team for consumer electronics. Our R&D projects include project management, ID, ME, EE, software, acoustics, RF, EMI/EMC, power management, packaging, and RDQA. These R&D projects allow us to have full R&D capability including industrial design, machinery/housing, circuit boards, software/firmware, and product verification.


Perfect quality control process

From design-in to output and sales, UDE has comprehensive consideration of the quality issues that may happen in each step.



Audio Equipment

UDE has already mass-produced various types of audio equipment, including TWS Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth speakers, Sound Blaster, and headphones.

And we have the ability to customize the design for each specification and feature in order to meet the different needs in the consumer market.

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 TWS Bluetooth Earbuds Bluetooth Speaker HIFI Headset  Sound Bar 


USB Dongle & Surge Protector

Combined with UDE’s strength – RJ45 connectors, UDE have developed series of USB Dongle and Surge Protector, which can be used in industrial field or 

  • Dongle – Dongle is used for thin and light laptops that provide them with convenient internet service. Also, the computers with damaged network modules can be connected to the network through Dongle.
  • Surge –When an outdoor network device (such as an IP Cam) is struck by lightning or a surge caused by an abnormal PSU, Surge can be used to prevent damage to the main device.

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In order to satisfy customer’s demand, we have also design e-cigarette products from its appearance, mechanism design, to planning the production line of automated assembly. It is the best example of UDE’s one-step service.

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Turning your Imagination Into Reality

Do you have any innovative ideas and don't know how to realize them? Maybe you can deliver your ideas to us. UDE can convert your idea into physical samples, plan the process of automated production, and make it become a competitive product in the future!


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