Nov 16, 2021 新品资讯

・QSFP-DD Connector Right Angle
・800G bps
・Packing with Tape Reel
・Halogen Free
・30"u Gold plating

【Coming soon】

The QSFP-DD 800 successful form factor must support the entire set of media and transceiver types prevalent in the networking industry.

This includes passive direct attached copper cables (DAC), multi-mode fibers (MMF) and single-mode fibers (SMF).

QSFP-DD800 connector is an incremental design with enhanced signal integrity and thermal which is backwards compatible to 8 lanes QSFP-DD and 4 lanes QSFP28.

To achieve 112G bps (56 GBd) operation the QSFP-DD800 pad dimensions and associated tolerances have improved compare to QSFP-DD and one must adhere and pay attention to the host board layout.

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